Welcome to The Healing Field


We are a community oriented 501(c)3 founded on the belief that individuals with mental health challenges have the ability for transforming their lives.  We believe that, in this process, individuals and families benefit greatly from  the support of their community.  We bring people together for mutual benefit, growth, healing and exchange of ideas.

We are always at the beginning of things,

In the fragile moment...

that holds the power of Life.
We are always at the morning

of the world.

Francois Cheng

The Healing Field...

Connects a variety of people effected by, or interested in, participating in an expanded view of psychological crisis as a mind/body/spiritual experience.  At the same time, we honor the use of conventional approaches in mental health treatment.


We raise awareness around the value of alternative pathways in mental health recovery, and gather our community of healers, facilitators, teachers, artists, meditators, musicians, nutritionists, and cooks to share and connect with residents of Mt. Tahoma Sanctuary, and each other.

Our Mission

The Healing Field  promotes awareness of alternative viewpoints and pathways for mental health recovery and inspires hope for developing meaning and purpose.


We bring together healing practitioners and participants who are interested in community for the purposes of learning, self-healing, wellness and ending stigma. We offer community based wellness activities to residents of Mt. Tahoma Sanctuary, and encourage the creation of more uplifting homes.