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About Us...

Who Makes Up Our Community


Since May 2016, we have gathered local (and sometimes distant) practitioners, healers, teachers, artists, visitors, family and friends for the purposes of inspiring conversations, meditating, various self-healing and yoga classes, learning and cooking together, having fun and supporting each other and the past residents of a healing home in Tacoma, WA. 


Like so many organizations, the pandemic has brought challenges as well as gifts.  We now offer more online and our community has grown to include people across the US and the world.  We still maintain a local flavor in Tacoma and are assisting in re-creating the healing home to be an intentional community.  It will be a beautiful home with gardens for peer counselors, healers, students and others who can live independently, and cooperatively, to live and thrive.


The Healing Field benefits from a Wisdom Council that meets regularly, composed of about 12 individuals, and a small Board of Directors.

The Healing Field

The Healing Field Co-Founders

Our Co-Founders, Christine and Po Karczewski are both holistically minded mental health nurse practitioners who are interested in seeing more wellness and healing oriented models and environments in their community and beyond.  Between them, Po and Christine have over 60 years of experience.  They have been inspired by their son and others     who have worked their way through crises to emerge renewed and in a way that serves their community.

Together, Christine and Po team up, along with others, to bring about a positive change in how we view and approach mental health challenges.  Come be a part of this growing paradigm for inclusion, healing and wellness.


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Christine Karczewski

Christine is currently the director of The Healing Field.  She has training and experience in various mind/body/spirit healing methods, massage therapy, energy healing, and prescribing medications within a holistic framework.  She is grateful for all she’s learned from clients at the VA in Tacoma, in mental health agencies and in her private practice over the years. Christine is a graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in Psychology and Nursing.  She has also studied with internationally known teachers in the field of transformational healing. Her interests include spending time in nature, writing, gardening, singing, and helping to build a more hopeful future.


Po Karczewski

Po was a Critical Care Certified RN prior to entering Psychiatry.  He has 16 years experience as the Team Leader for Prescribers at a major mental health agency.  Po currently enjoys his role as a integrative care mental health consultant for pediatric clinics, where he emphasizes more holistic approaches over medication.  Po also judiciously provides medication management at a drug and alcohol facility where holistic practices are valued.  He enjoys biking, reading and gardening as well as being an integral part of The Healing Field.

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