The Healing Field is...

… a nonprofit dedicated to building a community of like-minded people who are open to self-healing opportunities, alternative methods and healthy lifestyle in support of, and with, individuals and families dealing with mental health challenges.  From those in need, their family members and friends… to volunteers, donors, practitioners and partners ~ we are all an integral part of achieving a higher level of caring and mental/emotional/spiritual well being within our community.  Our intention is for everyone to have a healing experience when participating in The Healing Field.


The Healing Field focuses on learning about one’s true nature, self- healing capacity and living a wellness lifestyle.  We connect with innovative practitioners and others to offer activities that are gently empowering, non-invasive, and complimentary to conventional treatments when applicable.  The Healing Field does not offer mental health or medical treatment of any kind.   Activities and offerings include meditation, yoga, healthy cooking and eating, mind/body medicines, art, music and more. 


The Healing Field has worked closely with residents of a healing home in Tacoma to foster a spiritually uplifting environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and the space to set an intentional course in life.  Our desire is to encourage our community and individuals to find the gifts in this struggle we call mental illness... to realize our culture generally has a limited view and approach that is overly reliant on medication.  


We believe that our cultural viewpoints and approaches effect everyone's processes and outcomes. We've seen firsthand that individuals, families and communities have the capacity for self-healing, belonging and finding meaning through relationship building.  We know that we all find healing when we offer the tools and support to those who are suffering, and that if desired, individuals and families can establish new pathways that transform their lives.

The Healing Field Co-Founders…

Christine and Po Karczewski are both western medicine trained mental health nurse practitioners with holistic viewpoints and experience for over 25 years each, having worked in various settings in mental health.  They foster and respect the role of spirituality, mind/body approaches and nutrition blended with, when necessary, minimal psychotropic medication.  Christine has a background in massage therapy, is an energy healer with extensive training and experience, and started a Holistic program at the VA in Tacoma where she worked for 12 years.  Po was a Critical Care Certified RN prior to entering Psychiatry, and was the Team Leader for Prescribers at a major mental health agency for 16 years.  Po is currently a mental health consultant for pediatric clinics, and judiciously provides medication management at a drug and alcohol facility.  Together, Christine and Po team up as activists, along with other organizations and individuals, to bring about a positive change in how we view mental illness. Please sign up to receive our emails for offerings and share with others!