Together, we continue to create an evolving community where everyone is seen, and everyone has possibilities, talents and dreams. Within this growing community, individuals are at different places along the continuum of life experience.  The Healing Field is a nonprofit organization that is introducing and encouraging alternative self-healing approaches for residents of Mt. Tahoma Sanctuary as well as others in our community.  Examples include meditation, yoga, mind/body medicine tools, healthy nutrition and more.  These tools are not meant to replace conventional therapies, but rather to provide self-empowering tools that can make a significantly positive difference for individuals at any point along the continuum of life.  The learning and sharing is for all of us who are interested in the spiritual nature of health and wellness.

     We believe in everyone's ability to move forward in life, to grow, to meet a challenge by working through it to find the gifts.  We believe in our human capacity to receive and to give.  We like to partner, collaborate, encourage, and be supportive with others along the way, whether individuals, families or organizations. The partnering experience gives us an awareness that we're all in this together, working towards a higher good that is also the common good.


     If you share our vision or can benefit, please connect with us.  Our intention is for everyone to have an uplifting, connecting experience.  Whether you come to a gathering or lead a gathering, you'll find a warm welcome and a receptive community.


    We appreciate every friend and partner.  We intend for you to have a great experience with us.  This is a place where we cultivate a sense of belonging, compassion and gratitude ~ within ourselves and towards each other.

Some examples of ways to partner:

  • Lead a self-healing oriented gathering

  • Facilitate an art or music uplifting experience

  • Offer a nutrition related discussion or class

  • Lead a cooking experience

  • Garden with us

  • Initiate and lead a nature walk or experience

  • Coordinate a showing (large or small) of Crazywise   See

  • Be an "Ambassador" - formal or informal - talk about it, get involved

  • Give us your creative ideas that fit our model


For questions, volunteering, or donations, please contact:

    Christine Karczewski, Executive Director