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The Healing Field

Spiritual Emergence

Our perspectives about mental health are at the root of how people are treated and the types of treatments available.  Is it a breakdown or can it be a breakthrough is a central question. There’s a growing peer and advocacy movement around spirituality and mental health.

Crazywise is an award winning documentary by Phil Borges and Kevin Tomlinson that views psychological crisis from a spiritual, cultural and indigenous framework.  The film follows two amazing individuals on their journey and incorporates interviews with experts.  Their website lists many resources for individuals and families.  There is a video presentation by Phil Borges on Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening on our website for free viewing.  It’s best to see the film first at Crazywise webpage.

The Institute for Mental Health For You, (IMHU) was founded by Emma Bragdon, PhD, author of The Call of Spiritual Emergency and other books on spiritual emergency.  There are free videos to view, supportive opportunities for moving through a spiritual crisis, psychosis and/or psychological crisis.  Spiritual Coach trainings are also available.

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