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The Healing Field

Transformational Healing

Some who have experienced extreme states look back at it as a breakthrough versus a breakdown. Finding meaning and purpose is not easy when in crisis or even post crisis.  There are resources that can help at various stages of the journey

SPIRIT Lab is a University of Washington treatment approach focused on psychosis, with the belief that psychosis is a temporary state and that people who experience these extreme states can come through them and lead a full life.

Hakomi is a psychotherapy approach that can be deeply transformative.  Hakomi was developed by Ron Kurtz in the 1970’s, who was a pioneer of body centered therapies.  Seattle Hakomi offers online and in person trainings, some are open to everyone.  They offer a network of Hakomi therapists on their website.

Have fun exploring and experience life in this present moment with Cindy Olejar, free support for the journey.  Experience the Gift of Peace in Being Present 

The Center for Mind Body Medicine offers videos, trainings, and books by Jim Gordon, MD as well as guest speakers and faculty.  CMBM focuses on healing stress and trauma using simple techniques in small groups.  CMBM trains traumatized communities in their powerfully transformative methods throughout the world. 

Saundra and Rakesh Jain offer two workbooks that take people through some basic holistic approaches to daily living patterns that help to create a foundation of wellness. Their approaches include meditation, exercise, and nutrition skills.

A Positive Alternative is an outpatient program for addictions that offers an alternative to AA's 12 step approach.  Located in Seattle, WA, the program is individualized and small groups are offered. 

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